"I have bounced from 175 pounds 
to 250 pounds over the past 25 years. 
I have tried every diet imaginable, I 
even resorted to plastic surgery to 
try to cut away my fat, but nothing 
seemed to work for very long. It was 
all external work - I didn't do any internal work. It was like a band-aid." 

Today Rae walks with a new 
confidence and energy for life. 
Rae declares: "Solutions gave me
my life back!" 

"What a difference! My doctor recommended Solutions Weight
Loss Clinic. I never thought I'd be able to lose the weight no matter what I did. Now I've met my goal, thrown away my blood pressure pills, I sleep better and have watched my health improve. Now I'm focused on maintaining a 
healthy weight and lifestyle rather than worrying about 
what to do with an unhealthy one."  - Kris of Olympia
"This is the best I have ever felt after losing weight."
- Susie of Olympia 

"This program was about me and what I needed. I have more energy and feel better than I have in 25 years." 

- Janine of Olympia

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Mary lost 43 pounds! 

"It was a journey into myself with many changes that included weight loss but also getting rid of belief systems that held me down. I found out that the belief systems I had were not more fixed and unchangeable than my hair length. I learned to empower myself to make me a better person."

Lynn went from a size 14 to a 4 and feels great!

"The Solutions Team helped me retrain my brain not be thinking about what I am missing, but to think about what I am gaining and it sure wasn't fat. I have never had someone who didn't know me personally take such an interest in 
my success. I will never turn back and I will never have to go on a diet again. 
I have Solutions to thank for that.

Sarah lost 48 pounds and transformed her body, health, and life!

-Kathy has lost an astonishing 60 pounds!

-​Paula of Tumwater looks fantastic!

Ashley lost 30 pounds in less than 4 months!

"Today at 140 pounds I have learned to love myself. I feel as if I have accomplished a goal I never thought I could actually get to. Not only am I down to my pre-baby weight, I weigh what I did in high school!"

"I loved going to Solutions, and still go now that I'm on maintenance. It isn't just about looking better and feeling better, but about being validated in the process, and being seen and supported with each success. I am lucky to have found Solutions. My experience was that Anna Adolphsen and her staff is the best thing going in weight loss and maintenance success. They offer service and support that feels heart centered and genuine." 
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