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 The Solutions Weight Loss Program

Physician Recommendations 

Thank you for providing a safe, medically 
sound and supportive place for my patients to go for weight loss. I have been sending patients to Solutions for several years and not a single client has been disappointed with the program. My patients and I have always been pleased with the immediate and long term results they achieve with Solutions' help. It is 
well established that being chronically overweight can lead to multiple heath issues such as low back pain and leg pain, heartburn and other gastrointestinal disorders, and heart disease. For this reason, I discuss weight loss with any patient of mine that struggles to maintain a healthy weight and often refer them to Solutions.
​- Robert Provasoli, DC

"Solutions Weight Loss Clinic reinforces the nutritional counseling I give my patients. Through real life meal plans, encouragement, and accountability, they assist a patient in his goal of not just losing weight, but also taking less medication for diabetes and hypertension."
- Erin Kershisnik, MD

I would like to write a very strong letter of recommendation for the approaches utilized by Anna Adolphsen at the Solutions Weight Loss Clinic. I am a practicing Cardiologist in Olympia, Washington. Many of my patients have significant weight-related issues. I actually consider myself to be knowledgeable in helping patients lose weight and work extensively with my patient populations towards this goal. I have found Anna to be extraordinarily successful in helping patients that I struggle with. All the motivated patients that I have referred to her have been able to achieve significant weight loss success through their interactions with Anna.I would recommend her program to any interested party without reservation."
- William A. Gavin, MD

Weight Loss

Clients visit privately with a skilled consultant. A delicious nutritional plan provides consistent and effective weight loss results every week. The programs have proven to be effective for all lifestyles. 

Positive lifestyle and behavioral changes are the foundation for long term success and are taught throughout the entire program. Weight, age, activity level, and health history are utilized when designing your program. The results are permanent.

Once your weight loss goal is achieved, assistance through a transition period is required to stabilize your body's metabolism.  Increasing calories over a period of weeks will ensure a stable weight which will support your long term weight maintenance.

Maintaining weight loss is the most important aspect of any weight loss plan. At Solutions every program is designed with this permanent outcome in mind. Six months of follow up visits are part of each program. Fine tuning a healthier lifestyle is the focus during your visits enabling you to enjoy long term results. Embracing the time to strengthen new habits and attitudes are a wise investment in your future. ​(optional)
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